"We Specialize In The Treatment Of Low Back Pain. Let Us Help YOU Avoid Pain Pills, Injections, MRI's and Surgery!"

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons to seek out a medical provider. In fact over 80% of the population have had back pain at some point and is a leading cause of disability in the US. 

At Impact Physical Therapy we SPECIALIZE in the treatment of low back pain without the use of pain killers, injections or surgery! 

We have treated hundreds of patients just like your self (check out these patient testimonials). 

When it comes to pain, it can be extremely painful and frustrating. It might be limiting your ability to exercise, run, lift weights, play with your kids, travel, work at a desk or even limit your ability to perform basic daily activities. 

If you or a family are suffering please reach out to us! 

There are many different stretches and strengthening exercises that can help to alleviate some of the pain and tightness. Be sure to look over our list of contributing factors that can lead to and exacerbate the pain you are feeling.

Whether you live in the Glendale area or Scottsdale, Impact Physical Therapy wants to help you better understand how to manage your pain.

Looking For A Reliable Product That Delivers Real Results?

Purchase Dr. E's Back Pain Kit!

Muscle roller set includes a 12” high density & extra firm back massage roller, yoga stretching strap, resistance band and e-book with online workouts. The kit allows you to perform therapy stretches and exercises recommended by physical therapist, chiropractors and massage therapists around the world. Reduces recovery time, prevents injury, improves range of motion, and eases soreness & stiffness.

About Back Pain

Common Diagnoses of Back Pain:

Common Causes of Back Pain:

  • Herniated disc
  • Stenosis
  • Muscle/soft tissue strain
  • Sciatica/pinched nerve
  • Arthritis
  • Tight hip flexors
  • Tight upper back
  • Muscular weakness
  • Trauma
  • Work-related injury
  • Lifting injury

Why Choose Impact Physical Therapy?

At Impact Physical Therapy, we focus on YOUR entire system to not only identify the source of your symptoms, but to also treat the root causes of your back pain. We have helped hundreds of patients just like yourself avoid surgery, and pain killers by providing a hands on approach. Whether you have tried physical therapy somewhere else, have had pain for years, use pain killers or have tried EVERYTHING  …. WE CAN HELP YOU. Get in for a Free Consultation and let us show you why hundreds of patients have succeeded and now live a happy and active life. 

What to Expect from Us:

Grayhawk Physical Therapy
  • One-on-one care with a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  •  Individualized plan of care
  • Innovative techniques such as cupping, dry needling, and kinesiotape
  • Easy lines of communication
  • Fast results

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