10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Do Physical Therapy


10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Do Physical Therapy

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I know what you are thinking- why is a physical therapy office telling me NOT to do Physical Therapy? Well, some people may want to avoid it or not come to physical therapy at all, so here is what to expect without proper therapy when needed:

  1. You like surgery- anything your doctor finds on an MRI you want fixed! $10,000 later you still have pain and dysfunction.
  2. You like pain medications- to much work and time to fix the real problem, but popping 3 Vicodin is a quick fix.
  3. Physical Therapy didn’t work for your friend so why would it work for you?
  4. Your doctor told you that you don’t need Physical Therapy– You do what he/she says – end of story, no questions asked!
  5. You already know the exercises- You Googled it. (Dr. Google Always knows best!)
  6. You think by giving it more time the issue will just go away- 2 weeks…3 weeks…6 weeks later still there (and probably worse)
  7. It costs too much- but you don’t count prescription meds, imaging, doctors visits, your Amazon shopping cart.
  8. Surgery already fixed you!!!! Oh but you still cant squat, run, play with your kids for longer than 5 minutes. Maybe you need another surgery.
  9. You don’t have time- not even 2 hrs a week
  10. Cant miss a day at the gym- if you don’t go you will lose all of the progress you made- even though you lift with horrible form and pain.

All of these excuses, err we mean reasons are constant challenges we see patients struggle with when committing to a physical therapy program, but when they finally come in, they are in extreme pain that has been going on for a long time! Let us really help fix you, and help keep you in the best shape, pain free- to help you live a longer, and healthier life!

About Dr. Eric Hefferon

Dr. Eric Hefferon received his advanced doctorate degree in physical therapy from the innovative A.T. Still University. He has been practicing in the west valley for 6 years and has made strong ties to local gyms and medical practitioners. Dr. Hefferon started Impact Physical Therapy due to his passion for an individualized healthcare approach. He knew by creating a clinic that was out of network he could help give patients the results they deserve. His treatment style attracts patients from all over the valley and even out of state. People will travel to seek Dr. Hefferon’s solutions!

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