Nike Golf Functional Performance System

Golf Therapy
Analysis and training to enhance the athleticism and performance of golfers at all skill levels.

Impact Physical Therapy offers a comprehensive golf assessment and training package that systematically identifies limitations in mobility and strength that are affecting your game. Our Doctors have helped hundreds of golfers return to the course with no pain and improved performance. You can have the newest clothes, shoes, balls and clubs but the most importance part of golf is You! Without optimal mobility and stability, your golf game could be struggling. We have helped golfers of all levels improve their score, allowed athletes to return to golf without pain and have helped LPGA golfers reach their goals.


Benefits of the Nike Golf Functional Performance System

  • Improve the distance on your driver and irons
  • Improve your accuracy and consistency
  • Decrease your risk for injury
  • Improve your longevity
  • Play golf with NO PAIN



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