Early Intervention for Parkinson’s Disease

Can you get better if you have Parkinson’s Disease?

Do you or someone you know have Parkinson’s disease? Are you/they suffering from poor balance, shuffled walking, difficulty with getting out of chair, or getting dressed in the morning?

Let’s answer some important questions…

What can you do besides taking medication?

High Intensity therapy can help reduce signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease!

Can’t I exercise on my own? Why do I need therapy?

Parkinson’s disease is a sensory processing disorder – meaning that you don’t know how small you are moving or how quiet your voice is. Once you go through our training program you CAN and WILL be independent with an exercise routine to help you feel better every day.

You need our physical therapists to guide you through an extensive routine, provide appropriate feedback, and maximize your gains in order to fight against Parkinson’s disease.

Why should I choose Impact Physical Therapy?

  1. We are passionate about helping YOU
  2. We have collectively taken over a 1000 patients through successful training with significant outcomes including
    • reduction in medication
    • increased ability to move more freely
    • return to passions in life such as riding bikes, golf, tennis, and so much more
    • aide in keeping symptoms at bay
    • learn strategies for difficult tasks (writing, buttoning, freezing, shuffling)
  3. We have extensive training with LSVT BIG, PWR, Rock Steady Boxing, and many more
  4. We conduct research on Exercise as Medicine for those with Parkinson’s Disease
  5. We teach others how to do what we do
  6. We love helping not only the patients, but the families of all involved
  7. You CAN and WILL get better with our program

If you or someone you know is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, call us today!

We will help YOU get YOUR life back!

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published on Thursday, June 29th, 2017