Black Beans In Brownies?


Black Beans In Brownies?

By: Erin Dehmlow

As you may remember, I shared a Young Living recipe for healthy brownies using black beans and peppermint essential oil.  If you missed it, you can read it by clicking here!

Last Thursday, we taste tested them at our Intro to Essential Oils class.  The recipe was extremely easy to follow and clean up wasn’t bad either.  I used my blender to blend the mixture and small mini cup cake pan to make brownie bites.

And the results? Mixed reviews!

In all honesty, I did not like the taste.  Texture was moist and more “cake like” but the taste had me wishing for chocolate frosting so I could smother the healthy brownies in something sweet and fattening.

However, many of the other taste testers, who are much healthier eaters than myself, liked them! Those that are used to cooking with coconut oil, and like the taste, actually took the left over brownies home to eat later, and share with their families.

My take– if you are a healthy eater and like the taste of coconut oil, you will probably like this recipe! If you are looking for something that tastes like actual brownies, but is healthy… well, you and I might have to keep looking!

In the meantime, I’ll stick to adding my peppermint essential oil to regular brownie mix and leave the coconut oil for my DIY lotion.

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