Basketball Injury Tips


Basketball Injury Tips

Glendale Physical Therapist

Ah yes, basketball season is in full effect! Time to start those weekly training sessions, and the week night and weekend game times. You plan your week around your basketball schedule, and focus on getting better in your free throws, but do you prepare for an injury on the court? Accidents happen, and we are here to help you avoid them if possible! Here are some basketball tips to help avoid an injury:

1. Stretch- take the time before and after the game to stretch your body, and to properly warm up and cool down your body. This is critical to avoid strains and pulls.

2. Keep your eye on the ball- I know it sounds silly, but focusing on where the ball is can also help you avoid injury. Don’t get side tracked by the noise on the sideline. Be prepared for the ball and your teammates and opponents running into you.

3. Wear proper shoes- pick the right shoes, and make sure your laces are tied tight to avoid tripping.

If you do get injured, have no fear, and call your team at Impact Physical Therapy. We are here to help get you back on your feet, and in the game.




published on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015