3 Reasons Moms Need Physical Therapy After A Baby


3 Reasons Moms Need Physical Therapy After A Baby

Glendale Physical Therapist Explains Postpartum Physical Therapy


A new bundle of joy! So exciting to have a new baby to snuggle with, kiss, and fill your life with! But boy, do a lot of changes take place during this time in your life! Your whole world just changed, and so did your body! Think about it… all of your internal organs were shifted, you carried around a bowling ball in the front weighing on your hips and pulling on your back for a whole 9 months or so…ouch! If that isn’t enough convincing as to why new moms need physical therapy, here are 3 more critical reasons!

1. Incontinence:

 Many moms often talk about the “drip” after having a baby, but did you know that although this is common, it is not normal? We can help! See a physical therapist at Impact Physical therapy, as we treat and assist many women with incontinence and other women’s services. We want you to be able to jump, run, and  be yourself without having to worry about “going” during these exercises!

2. Back Pain: 

As your baby grew in your belly, so did your arch as you tried to support all that weight in the front and the awkward positioning of the extra pounds…this leaves a lot of stress on your back. Physical Therapy can help this issue, and in most cases we can help on the first visit! Our manual therapy, and other advanced techniques can help get your back feeling pain-free.

3. Day to Day Living: 

It can take time for your body to get back to normal, and for you to get back to feeling like yourself after having a baby, but physical therapy can help get you there faster, by alleviating some of your aches and pains that came along with pregnancy, labor, and delivery.



Physical Therapy is critical for Moms, especially soon after childbirth! At Impact Physical Therapy, we are excited to help you, and get you pain free so you can enjoy that little one! Click here, to schedule your postpartum physical therapy appointment!

published on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015