Tennis Elbow Symptoms and Treatments


Tennis Elbow Symptoms and Treatments

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Did you know…you don’t have to play tennis to get tennis elbow? In fact, most people with tennis elbow never have played the sport. Lateral epicondylitis is the official name, meaning the common forearm extensor tendon is inflamed. It is pretty easy to find the area of pain but it can be tricky to fix the root cause of the symptoms. Recent research actually points to the neck and upper back as a possible source of tennis elbow. Tightness within the upper back/neck or weakness within the shoulder can cause abnormal stress to the elbow. This abnormal stress can cause the elbow tissues to become inflamed and tight. So to address tennis elbow it also very important to address the shoulder and spine. At Impact Physical Therapy we address the symptoms but also get to the root cause of pain- that’s why our patients average less than 4 visits to see a complete resolution of symptoms.

Imagine having 55 minutes of myofascial work to your neck, back shoulder and elbow, dry needling to the elbow and forearm, kinesiotape to the forearm along with functional mobility/stability exercises for the entire body. Better interventions = better outcomes.

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About Dr. Eric Hefferon

Dr. Eric Hefferon received his advanced doctorate degree in physical therapy from the innovative A.T. Still University. He has been practicing in the west valley for 6 years and has made strong ties to local gyms and medical practitioners. Dr. Hefferon started Impact Physical Therapy due to his passion for an individualized healthcare approach. He knew by creating a clinic that was out of network he could help give patients the results they deserve. His treatment style attracts patients from all over the valley and even out of state. People will travel to seek Dr. Hefferon’s solutions!

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