Kelcey Bates

Patient Relations & Billing Specialist

Kelcey is a movement and exercise enthusiast. An avid hiker, animal lover and traveler, Kelcey currently resides in Kaneohe, Hawaii. grew up in Peoria, AZ, but has familial roots across the U.S. in California, the Carolinas, New York, Idaho, and Chicago; which intensifies her love of food and travel.

Her studies at Northern Arizona University held a strong focus on sustainability, biology and kinesiology. Kelcey believes in the healing power of proper nutrition and purposeful exercise.

Before working at Impact Physical Therapy, Kelcey worked at multiple busy, outpatient orthopedic clinics which treated patients like they were going through an assembly line. She enjoys working at Impact for the individual attention and quality customer service she gets to provide on a one-on-one basis. Now that Kelcey is working remotely, her love of the Impact Team has grown and she looks forward to every visit “home.”