Dr. Tricia O’Driscoll

PT, DPT, Certificate in Dry Needling

Dr. Tricia O’Driscoll is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a strong passion to help others achieve a healthy, active lifestyle and achieve their goals. She is a native to the Valley of the Sun, until moving to Charleston, South Carolina. There she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology while also competing in D1 collegiate volleyball for 4 years. With a strong desire to help people and an athletic background, she eventually returned to Arizona and pursued her doctorate degree in physical therapy at Franklin Pierce University in Goodyear. Tricia has a strong passion working with youth athletes and preventing injury, believing that sport specialization is detrimental to longevity. She enjoys working with people of all ages; toddlers and infants, to the elderly population, helping them achieve their motor milestones and health and fitness goals. Through her clinical internships Tricia developed a passion for helping those with Parkinson’s disease. She obtained her LSVT certification as a student and has enjoyed working with this population.

Tricia met her husband, Kevin, their junior year in college. They have 2 dogs, female hound mixes, names Sweet Pea and Lucy. They enjoy playing sports together – mountain biking, flag football, kickball, softball, golf, soccer, pickle ball, and, of course volleyball. They also enjoy being outside and hiking. Tricia also coaches athletes in the sport of volleyball at a local club to help young girls fulfill their dream of being a collegiate athlete.