5 Great Stretches For Your Body

5 Great Stretches For Your Body

Impact Physical Therapy

Stretching is such a great exercise for your body, but where do you even begin? Here are 5 stretches we love that are GREAT for your body!


1. Chair Stretch! With a chair that will not tip over! Raise hands to either side of temple, Place elbow in towards your chest and then move into the opposite direction into an extension motion using the chair as a mobilizing fulcrum. Then you can change level on the back by scooting forward and back to access different areas of the body.

  1. Lay on your back and bring one leg over with the knee bent. Hold the side of the knee with the opposite arm (which will be on the same side as the knee) with the other arm mimic a windmill type motion reaching across the chest, over the head, and out to the side in a circular motion.

    3. Prone hip flexor and quad stretch. With a pillow under the hips so that the back does not arch either grab your foot with your hand or with a belt/dog leash looped around your toes.. The other leg can be on the table for beginners or placed with the foot on the floor in front of hips for more flexible people!


4. Against the wall reach your arms overhead to stretch your upper back, then step out to the side so your legs are wider than shoulder width apart. Then laterally shift your weight to side to side like you are doing a mini lateral lunge. You shoulder feel a stretch in the front and inner hip as well as your upper back.

5. Start on the bed/floor/ yoga mat on your hands and knees, then bring one leg forward wwith your foot translated forward and towards the opposite leg so that your hip and knee make a 90 degree angle. For less flexible people lace a pillow under the knee. Then bring the other knee out and to the side if you are less flexible. If you are more flexible bring that leg straight backwards. Then with your arms reach forward and out to the side to feel a nice stretch in your hips.

published on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016